Dad Asked Me to Learn Xi’s Speech at the Symposium on the Arts to Become a Good Artist | 2017

This idea of performance came from a talk between my dad and I in which he recommended me to find out the copy of Xi's speech at the Symposium on the Arts to read and learn it carefully.

At that time, I showed against attitude to both his proposal and this political speech as if it will pollute my concept on art. 

Something changed after I started my abroad study. I've been trying to figure out the complicated relationship between my nationality and myself, dealing with the anxiety leaded by the change of living context.

All those thoughts led to this performance happened on the 2017 Fall Salon of SVA MFA Photo. I edited the speech, translated it into English and reproduced it using the context of salon.

A scanned edited copy of the original content of speech:

An excerpt from the performance