A Real Fake Artist | 2018

Archival Inkjet Print Installation
Dimension Varies

“A Real Fake Artist” began as a parody of photographic vocabulary utilizing 3D technology. A fictional model was fabricated based on Zhang’s image and was inserted in a series of photographs staged and taken as a real “backdrop.” The character is deliberately moved, as an image, from their “rightful” placement, creating a detachment between the subject of the image and their activity, meanwhile disrupting the perspective of the pictorial space. On top of each image, a self-referential structure is constructed, in which each image refers to the previous step of this image-producing process. Photos and supporting materials are printed, mounted, arranged, and installed as physical objects to form the final work.

The work responds to the relationship between the image and the image-maker. Through the process, Zhang reflected on his role as a practitioner and researcher in the ongoing massive image production industry.



Other Install Versions

The version installed at OCAT Institute, Beijing, 2020
The version Installed at Fou Gallery, NY, 2018