Labor in a Single Shot | 2018

Three-channel FHD Video
Color, Sound

This three-channel video piece is inspired by Harun Farocki’s workshop series—Labour in a Single Shot, beginning in 2011, the concept of which is to discuss both the topics of labour and the film-making process. In this video work, I combined these two topics since the latter is naturally an example of the former. My goal is to reveal the labour behind producing this piece of video as much as possible, meanwhile, to construct a reflexive narrative of itself.

《单镜头中的劳动》是我在受到 Harun Farocki自2011年开启的同名系列工作坊——“Labour in a Single Shot”的启发之后的作品。工作坊意在探讨劳动与影像制作的话题。这两个话题在这一视频中被结合,因为影像制作自然也是劳动的一个案例。在这个三频影像作品中,我致力于尽可能的将所有在制作这个作品过程中的劳动暴露出来,并在其基础之上编织一个自反结构的叙事。