The First Line of China Project (Ongoing)

The First Line of China Project is a long-term ongoing project launched in 2017. It is developed through three stages:

  1. Prints installation—Yang Juan Ding Zi (2017);

  2. Photobook—Zhong Guo Di Yi Xian (2018);

  3. Essay film—The First Line of China (2019).


Ongoing Film Project—The First Line of China (2019)


The First Line of China is a 45-min first-person essayistic documentary film. To recover the history and the story of an isolated industrial town attached to a local state-owned cement factory in Dongbei (the Northeast), China, I go on home return trips, physically and spiritually. During this process, I encounter the phrase “The First Line of China” for numerous times in different situations. This grand-sounding phrase impressed me since its meaning is vague and uncommon, but it clearly refers to the trace of official ideology from 1980s China. Following this trace, I finds more about the town and about my family story...


An excerpt from the film


Screenshots from the film, 1920p×1080p


Photobook Project: Zhong Guo Di Yi Xian (2018)


Paperback, 108 pages, 244mm×313mm


Photo Project—Yang Juan Ding Zi (2017)


Install Shot


This is an ongoing project