A Real Fake Artist | 2018


This series began as a parody of photographic vocabulary by 3D technology. First I created a fictional model based on myself, then produced a series of photographs specifically for use as real world "backdrop". The fictional character is deliberately removed from his “rightful” placement, creating a detachment between the subject of the image and his activity, meanwhile disrupting linear perspective of the pictorial space. On this basis, a self-referential structure is made, in which each image indicates the previous step in the image-production process. Finally, the pictures and supporting materials are arranged according to the production process whereby the mounted physical object forms a reference between process and result.

I reflected on my own role as practitioner and researcher in the tradition of image-production and ways of seeing, thereby questioning the relationship between the image and the image-maker.




Install Shots

Version installed at Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2018


Version Installed at Fou Gallery, NY, 2018